Nicole is a soul coach, educator, writer, and creator of Karmic Soul Investigation (KSI®).

Born and raised in Germany, early on Nicole exhibited a strong passion and curiosity for spiritual matters.

During her teenage years she encountered a series of challenges, including deep-seated depression and complicated health issues that wouldnt resolve. She set out on a quest to find answers to these and other life circumstances that didnt seem to add up.

After graduating from high school, she moved to the United States where she attended Antioch College, earning a B.A. with a double major in Psychology and International Relations.

Then came an exciting series of internal and out-in-the-world adventures: acupuncture school, playing bass in a Rock n Roll band, traveling far and wide, taking acting and voice classes, working in a Montessori school, tending bar, and becoming a U.S. citizen. All the while Nicole challenged herself to dig deeply into her owns souls karmic history, facing her shadows and deepest fears, while learning to forgive herself and others.

Thanks to her intuition and persistence, she developed a framework and set of tools that make it easy to integrate soul healing and evolution into the business of modern day life.

For the last fifteen years, shes had a full practice, offering private sessions by word of mouth and holding invitation-only workshops in Southern California. Her international and eclectic client base enjoys her sense of humor, compassion and down-to-earth practical approach.

Currently shes working on a book and DVD series on Karmic Soul Investigation®.

Nicole lives with her fiancé and two cats in Los Angeles.