KSI® created for the awakening soul

Life on this planet can be complicated. Things aren’t always adding up and being human can be confusing and painful. We live at a time in human history when many souls are waking up. As the amnesia starts to lift, our psychological personalities are flooded with soul memories.

Many people are waking up to karmic issues that have been dormant for centuries. These issues flood our emotional bodies and show up as symptoms in our physical bodies. They can distort our perception of reality and make relationships and or certain areas of our life extremely challenging. If we are missing the understanding and mental memories, it is hard to resolve these issues and/or find the necessary compassion and patience with self and others.

The good news is that we have finally arrived in a time where soul healing is possible.

Heal to become whole to become holy!

Nicole went through these struggles and set out on a quest 25 years ago to find help for herself. Gifted with a strong intuition together with her sister Kay they tapped into a pool of information that turned into a methodology. This is how KSI® was born!


So, what is KSI® and how does it work?

The basic premise of KSI® is that we often deal with unseen causes that extend beyond this lifetime.  They can create powerful, challenging and overwhelming effects in our current life.


KSI® examines life from the epic camera angle of the soul. When we look from this perspective, we find that everyone and everything makes sense. Even very confounding symptoms and situations get reexamined and are often resolved.


KSI® offers practical and efficient techniques for understanding and healing soul trauma. It helps us to focus on our soul lessons by recovering long lost data that allows us to connect the dots. Previously bound-up energy is freed and can be redirected, allowing aspects of self to heal and operate at their full potential.


At the heart of KSI® is cultivating awareness, strengthening intuition, and asking the right questions. You will learn how to keep your ego in check and how to have fun while being deeply honest with yourself.  Souls that have started to awaken tend to have more information available to them than they may think. KSI® teaches you how to discover the clues and how to work with them in order to resolve the issues at hand.


KSI® focuses on themes and patterns, rather than the details of an individual lifetime, unless necessary for the resolution of a specific issue. Considering that your soul may have been around for thousands or tens of thousands of years, it’s not efficient, nor necessary, to get caught up in the specifics. It might be interesting to find out you lived in a particular village in southern France during the 1400s, along with all the accompanying gory and romantic details. But karmic patterns are much more complex than any one moment in time. Understanding the events of your soul’s history in the context of a karmic pattern allows you to quickly move out of a victim or violator perspective into student-of-life mode. It is much easier to forgive self and others from this perspective.  Healing then become possible, and old karmic files are closed once and for all.


 KSI® works harmoniously and inclusively with many other modalities

Once we understand ourselves better from a soul perspective, KSI® can be the clear compass to point towards the appropriate modalities to best support our healing. Since karmic issues can negatively impact all aspects of self, many people find that remedies that didn’t work prior to a karmic clearing work after. They turn from being therapy resistant to being extremely receptive to a diversity of physical and emotional healing techniques. Thankfully we live in a time where there are many excellent options for healing mind, body and spirit, so it’s easy to find the just right modality to add on.


What are some signs and symptoms that indicate that past life issues may be in play?

1. Fear, depression, sadness, anger, or other intense emotions flooding your system with an intensity that doesn’t match your current circumstances and experience. The feelings don’t make sense in the story of your life as you know it.

 2. Your body exhibits repeat symptoms like rashes, migraine headaches, weight gain, or other chronic symptoms that doctors have no explanation for and/or that you sense have a deeper meaning.

 3. One or more relationships in your life feel karmically challenged: they’re uncomfortable, don’t make sense in the context of this life, and yet neither you nor the other person is capable of letting them go. No matter the effort and attention, you’re not able to resolve the issues in a satisfying way. You likely feel stuck.

 4. You keep repeating the same drama in your life and are aware of a pattern, yet you can’t identify the cause or figure out how to break free.

 5. You feel stuck around a certain area of your life, such as finances, romantic relationships, friendships, finding your purpose, a fulfilling profession, and/or developing your intuition. No matter how much effort you put in, it feels like you are not living your truth.

 6. You react strongly when you experience or encounter certain smells, sounds, period movies, and cultural or religious beliefs.


Who Is KSI® for?


KSI® is an inclusive modality that welcomes anyone who wants to explore and heal at a soul level. People from all walks of life use KSI® to move past areas where they are stuck and can’t find a way forward with the methods, information, or tools they already have access to.


There’s no need to be a psychic superstar or even especially intuitive, though of course it doesn’t hurt. Any work you’ve done in the realms of psychology, ego-investigation, and personal growth will aid you in going more deeply and quickly with KSI®, though none is required to begin. All you need to do is to pay attention to the themes and situations that keep showing up in your life, notice how you respond to them, and be willing to investigate your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and life circumstances from a broader perspective that includes the full spectrum of time and space.


The more surface details of our lives pale in comparison to what we discover when working at a soul level. In the big picture, all things are ultimately forgivable and all problems and ailments will find the right cure or solution. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and take an honest look within, KSI® may be for you. This could be the lifetime that you find the healing or peace you seek.


Nicole Scheier, Creator of KSI®

Nicole has worked full time with clients using KSI® for more than fifteen years and has been using and developing this process since early childhood with herself, family and friends. Her client base is eclectic and international; she works with people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, religions, spiritual traditions, and social classes.  She’s a regular woman living an ordinary life with an extraordinary gift for seeing and mediating soul patterns.  Her kindness, openness, and sense of humor immediately put just about anybody at ease. The structure of KSI® is just as inclusive as Nicole.


The intention of KSI® is to serve you on your soul’s journey through this lifetime and beyond.


What are the Benefits of KSI®?


The benefits of KSI® widely vary depending on each person and their karma.

Possible benefits include:


1. The freedom that comes from taking responsibility for your life and soul choices.

Instead of blaming others or life circumstance and feeling like a victim, you’ll see how you’ve created your current reality and how it’s the perfect situation to learn the valuable lessons you came here to learn. Seen from the soul’s perspective across lifetimes, you are in the driver’s seat, and can’t but relax and enjoy your life more when you realize this.


2. Experience deeper levels of compassion and patience for yourself and others. Forgive  yourself and your fellow travelers while untangling complicated karmic knots.

 When you look from your soul’s perspective, you see that you’ve played both the victim and violator countless times across lifetimes, along with dozens of other polar opposite roles. When you weave these roles together through the unbroken chain of time, the victim sees how he had it coming and the violator realizes she already paid for it. Much of the emotional charge, guilt and blame dissolve, along with the remaining karma. You will feel lighter and more free in every way. Then you’ll see what karma remains and can use KSI®’s tools to figure out how best to “repay” it. More freedom ensues.


3. Identifying karmic patterns is empowering.

You’ll become more aware of how karmic patterns can be the source of highly charged emotional tendencies. By simply noticing the relationship between karmic patterns and your emotions, you are less likely to be overpowered by fear, depression, sadness, or anger.


4. Ongoing physical symptoms resolve.

Not all physical symptoms are related to karmic patterns or themes, but the persistent and tricky ones often are. When you identify and move through dissolving a karmic pattern at the source of symptom, it will either resolve on its own or you will find yourself attracting the proper physical treatments and answers. In fact, that’s one way you know that you’ve hit on the right pattern and KSI® is working.


5. Gain new insight into ongoing challenging relationship patterns.

When you see that the source of many relationship patterns lies beyond this lifetime, you’ll better understand the undercurrents in the relationship, as well as gain valuable insight into how the relationship can be improved. You’ll be able to resolve the issues within yourself rather than blaming circumstances and expecting others to rescue you.


6. Stop repeat drama in your life by finding out what your core soul lessons are and learn techniques to deal with deep-seated soul wounds.

There are markers and signs you’ll see when a given pattern or theme shows up. When you become skilled at noticing and identifying the signs when they emerge in your life—often showing up as drama—you’ll be more easily able to identify what type of pattern or theme it’s connected to, and gain more insight into what your soul lessons may be. Once the lessons are revealed, KSI® has a toolbox of techniques for you to use to heal soul wounds. Learn the soul lesson and the need to create drama disappears.


7. Areas in your life that were challenging or blocked are back in a healthy flow!

 After experiencing KSI® many people feel more ease, insight and abundance in certain aspects of their lives, such as finances, work opportunities, attracting healthy partnerships or stepping into their own power.